Generate Abundance

Generate Abundance


Diana Baysinger

We are most successful in managing conflict when there is balance in our lives. As you do a review of your life think about the word abundance.The word abundance means plentiful. Many people generate abundance, have success in their personal and professional lives, and yet struggle to manage it all. It is important to evaluate the kind of abundance you have and beware of the abundance you do not want to generate.

Have you had an abundance of unproductive efforts to change something within yourself or your relationship? Have you had an abundance of recycled hopes that slip to disappointment and despair? Have you talked the talk, walked the walk, but are still not producing the results you want?
Beware of this kind of abundance. These are questions that rest at #5 on the following 5 point quality control scale.

Consider examples from your personal and professional life that rest along this scale.

# 1 = A calm, quiet and peaceful place where you are in alignment with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is where you experience renewal; it is the pause that refreshes.

# 2 = A place of positive energy where mental, physical, and emotional engagement result in feelings of accomplishment and success. This is a place of recreation and results.

# 3 = A practice of daily routine that creates a rhythm. This is where meaningful rituals serve to support personal and business life.

# 4 = A place of normal stress including unpredictability, change, lack of clarity and disappointments. Experiences at this point create opportunities to learn and use lessons that release barriers to success. This is where you become proactive resulting in resolution and growth.

# 5 = A practice of unresolved stress which prompts reactivity leading to resignation, distress, misalignment and ineffective solutions. This is the holding tank for failure.

Where do you want to register on the scale and how will you get there?

Be Aware: Generate Abundance

Now that you have a scale to use as a reference be aware of the abundance you do want in your life. Think about ways to increase those experiences from #1, #2 and #3. What percentage of your personal and professional life would you like to attract to these points?
Place your focus on this end of the scale and put an action plan together to bring more of these peaceful, successful, and supportive moments alive. Some individuals have chosen to spend more time on activities that generate fun and fulfillment. They have increased time with friends, family, and activities that are rewarding in their personal lives.

When they invest more time in the top 3 points of the spectrum they have a reserve with which to combat the normal stressors. They are more committed to dealing with the barriers of the 4th and 5th points in proactive ways, by developing strategies that break the negative cycle of these points. The unresolved stress begins to diminish and life is lived in greater balance.

In coaching, individuals not only commit to monthly reviews of their progress, they have regular weekly meetings in which they examine accomplishments and disappointments. They extract the lessons with open and honest communication and are ready to take action that keeps the momentum rolling toward desired results. Place your focus on the upper end of the scale and generate an abundance of peace, success, and support, and let those positive life experiences be the new norm.

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