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Commitment with Passion


Demonstrating commitment takes words and actions and creates passion. What does the word passion have to do with commitment? Passion is the heartfelt experience we have with a dream, cause, idea, relationship or plan. It is the actual commitment we make to something we believe in that unleashes natural passion, excitement and motivation.

Human beings strive for a natural order and predictability, and that drive supports us in things that matter the most to us. Starting a new company, developing a new team goal, guiding our children, studying the stars or taking our love relationship to the next level are all part of the natural order. Commitment is the tool that keeps us aligned with the natural order of living the life we are meant to live. When we set goals it starts with an idea. Written down, these goals gain power and when the goals are spoken they have even a greater impact. Once we make a commitment we are pulled rapidly in the direction of the goal.

The act of committing ourselves more intentionally to the things that we value transforms us. Many of us get lost in the shuffle between the different parts of our lives. We end up going through the motions and become overloaded with the demands of family and work. We are offered quick fixes, instant gratification, faster lanes, fast food, instant messaging all in service to enhance quality of life. Only we know what enhances the quality of our life, and we must have the courage to design and define the boundaries for ourselves. Each of us is responsible for what we saying “no” to so that we can really live in the “yes” of life – the more natural order of health, wealth and happiness.

One step in demonstrating commitment is to know your purpose, where you are holding back and letting that go. One thing we have absolute control over is where we put our attention. The internal dialogue in our minds might sound something like this:

“I really want to……… but……………..”

When we look at the thought that follows the “but”, we end up living more from the belief about the “but” and spend less time focused on what we truly want. Commitment is about spending more time on the front end of what we want and aligning our actions with what we really want, instead of living in the limitations of the “but” belief .

When we make a commitment, we are tested by these mental barriers of the “but”, and those mental barriers get in the way of our success. In fact, the greater the commitment, the greater the challenge! But these moments of challenge are also moments of change. When we stay committed to our word, “I want”, “I will, no matter what”, or “I accomplished” – we demonstrate commitment.

Are our words matching our behavior? If not, how can we adjust our behavior

to be more in alignment with what we want?


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