Dare To Be Extraordinary


Diana Baysinger, Arizona Partners

People who are extraordinary are present to the moment, see magic in simple things and have a deep appreciation for the life they have been given. They leave an imprint and touch others by their very presence. Being extraordinary means we experience the ordinary and add a little something extra to it. It has no age limit. As a matter of fact, children come into this world as extraordinary miracles. I only have to remember the first time I held my granddaughter to remember the gift of being present to that moment, the awe of looking into the eyes of the next generation and the gratitude I felt for the life cycle. That was an extraordinary experience.

It is the choices we make between birth and death that make us extraordinary. I have been blessed to know people who have lived fully after the age of 90. One extraordinary 91 year old woman lives in Indiana. She lives in her own home, still drives herself, volunteers at her church and works 2 days a week at a hospital gift store. Each morning she spends ½ hr on the treadmill, completes a practice of stretching and closes her routine with meditation. She claims her longevity is a result of healthy living, strong family and community support and a positive attitude. So you see, we all have the ability to be extraordinary.

I dare you to be extraordinary! Accept the challenge and your life will change in ways you only imagined. It is really not as daunting as it may appear, it requires three things:

  • Find your passion and purpose and live it full out.
  • Align your thoughts and actions with your dreams.
  • Take healthy risks and step outside the box.

FIND YOUR PASSION: Imagine a time in your life when you felt a sense of joy, a sense of purpose or a deep sense of connection to something that you valued. For me it is the ocean. I grew up in Massachusetts and spent summers on the South Shore of the Atlantic Ocean. I didn’t realize the significance of that passion until I moved out to the desert and felt something missing in my life. It became clear to me what was missing when I was floating on a mat in a swimming pool and felt this deep sense of calm. I knew then that I needed to find places in Arizona that would reconnect me with nature and the sound of water. I began visiting lakes and creeks around the state and discovered the most sacred of places. I dreamed that some day I would create a sacred space in my own backyard that would include colorful flowers, rocks and running water.

ALIGN YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS WITH YOUR DREAMS: We carry perceptions, assumptions and stories in our minds and we believe they are all true. Our belief or attitude translates into action. Attitude and action creates experience. Experience produces results and the cycle gets reinforced. When was the last time you had a dream, a dream of something you  wanted in your life?  One of my clients had such a dream.  She is a very talented Adult Education Teacher teaching non-credit writing classes at a local Community College. She had found her passion and purpose, loved what she did and received outstanding evaluations from the class members as well as the Department Chair. She was looking for a career change and was advised to apply to the Community College as an Adult Educaton teacher.

She had always dreamed of teaching college credit classes but believed that she needed a Master’s Degree to teach at that level so she never pursued her dream. She had settled for teaching Adult Education Classes and the pay that went along with it. I encouraged her to take a risk and assigned her the task of researching the requirements for the teaching position of her dreams and she discovered that she did not need the Master’s Degree. Her belief had held her back, the dream was set free and she went on to teach the credit classes at the Community College.

In the last 10 years there have been significant results from brain research. Through brain mapping we can see the connection between how we think, how we feel and how we behave. An intriguing aspect of the research shows neurological patterns that emerge in the prefrontal cortex with thoughts and words and their impact on our emotional experience in the limbic system. Beautiful and uplifting words create neurological patterns in the limbic system that are different from negative words demonstrating the power of how we think and its link to how we feel.

What is your dream? Dream the dream and use your imagination to bring it alive. Imagine the details of the dream, your thoughts, feelings and actions. We become extraordinary when we allow ourselves to dream and align our behavior to attract what we truly want.

TAKE HEALTHY RISKS AND STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX:15 years ago I completed a vision board that had a beautiful spa-scape on it. At that time I had no idea why I placed it on the board but it gave me a connection to nature and the things that were most important to me at that time in my life. I had never done a vision board and it was fascinating to see what emerged. I stepped outside the box of my limited backyard space and limited budget and let the dream flow onto the board. I placed the vision board on my garage wall and for 5 years the vision board greeted me everyday with the colorful rock garden and the waterfall.

The dream of creating a sacred space in my backyard was set free 10 years ago. It is a simple English garden in the backyard surrounded by the sound of running water that nurtures my soul and brings delight to all who visit. I have hummingbirds outside my kitchen window and they are what greet me now in the morning. My roses find their way to the office and into the homes of friends and the fragrance of the honeysuckle in the walkway brings delight to my neighbors. And all of this is still in Arizona, home of the cactus, prickly pear and desert.

11 years ago I took the risk to join Best Year Yet and create my first one-page plan. I have created my plan every year since and work with a Best Year Yet partner who keeps me focused and accountable. That decision has brought extraordinary experiences into my life and today I not only live my own dream, I have the privilege of working with clients who have discovered their dreams and are making them come true.

Now, I double dare you to engage in some of the exercises above or sign up for your own Best Year Yet Online plan and set your dreams free so you too can dare to be extraordinary…………..   https://www.bestyearyet.com/byyo/register.cfm?referral_code=388g

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Creating Your Best Year Yet with Your Life Partner

Creating a Best Year Yet With Your Life Partner
by Diana Baysinger, Arizona Partners

Welcome to the Attention Age. Since the invention of social media in the 2000s, the Information Age has evolved into the Attention Age . The Age of Information provided an explosion in technology. This explosion created communication platforms that keep people connected through technology. We are fed a nonstop buffet of information based on our previous Google searches, iTunes buying history, Facebook profile, and recently watched videos and cell phone history. We even subscribe to RSS feeds and follow people on Twitter and Facebook to get up-to-the minute information delivered right to us. What’s more, it’s all on our iPhones and Blackberrys!

Some estimates report that by 2013 the quantity of information on the Internet will double roughly every 72 hours. With all of this information coming from all directions how can we learn to manage our attention to the things that are most important to us and not get lost in the Information Overload Age? The age of human history in which information has become so abundant and readily available that attention has become the greatest commodity.

A by-product of this development is the creation of a fast paced culture often resulting in a disconnection from self and our most significant relationships. What is your relationship story? Is it a story of connection and intimacy or are you experiencing relationship disconnection and distraction. Are you managing the direction of your attention with a balance between technology and human contact?

Have you ever found yourself or your partner saying such things as, “We don’t communicate, I just don’t feel understood, we don’t laugh and have fun like we used to, and we need to get on the same page. These comments are common to couples who have added children to the mix, have demanding careers, are faced with the hardships of these economic times or are in periods of transition. Lying beneath these statements is a desire for greater intimacy, a desire for increased trust, respect and care.

Relationships are like the growth and development of human beings. It is an entity that grows and develops with time and shared life experience. It is nourished by the energy and attention each partner puts into it. When partners grow and develop through each stage of life and share that growth with each other, they nurture the relationship with attention to connection and intimacy. When partners stay stagnant or stuck in unfulfilling patterns, the relationship will be starved with alienation and loneliness.

When we are in the throws of personal challenges we often look to the relationship to feed us. We go to the cupboard and it is bare because we have not stocked it with time, attention and care.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist for 27 years and Best Year Yet Coach for 10 years I asked myself what tools could couples use to break through the relationship barriers and move couples to higher levels of loving? Best Year Yet for Couples was created for that very purpose. It is a program that keeps relationships stocked and stoked. One couple reported a “renewed sense of commitment and care in the relationship”. Another couple became aware of how the neglect of their relationship had created disconnection. The result of their plan was feeling more connected leading to a resurgence of intimacy and joy. They planned a party around their plan, renewing their vows and celebrating their 7th anniversary surrounded by family and friends.

Other couples came up with strategies for paying attention to each other:

  • Use 4 times a day to connect: waking up, leaving the home, returning home, going to bed.
  • Hold a hug for 60 seconds or more.
  • Have a date Directing Attention Toward Each other once a week in or outside the home. All electronic devices were turned off.
  • Have three or more meals a week at a table where all electronic devices are turned off except for an occasional favorite soundtrack.
  • Use texting for quick exchange of information or care connection only, never discuss problems or hurts via text.
  • Send a thoughtful email marked high priority 2 times a week.
  • Set monthly goals and meet weekly to discuss progress.
  • Turn off cell phones in restaurants and in the car when together.
  • Share computer sites/information with partner.

Best Year Yet for Couples is a simple 10 Question process that results in a one-page plan and is supported by a yearlong performance management system and coaching conversations. The program assists couples in evaluating the things that are most important to them and gets them on track with living from their values. It is a program that directs them toward mature loving.

In Question #1 couples look at their accomplishments and it is the beginning of reconnecting with the initial elements that attracted them to each other in the beginning.

In Question #2 couples identify the disappointments. It is during this question that they learn to tolerate the tension of tough times and hold on for the change that is meant to happen.

Questions # 3 and #4 test the heart of the relationship: trust, respect and care. It calls each partner to be honest and open. The focus on learning is a powerful way of resolving pain and ease into an exciting future.

Question #5 is where the relationship becomes more creative and committed as mutual values are established.

Questions #6-10 flow once the bedrock of trust, respect and care is established by the first part of the process. The couple’s plan helps them be flexible but firm in guiding their life together. Through Best Year Yet for Couple’s intimacy is deepened and the relationship goes to a new level of purpose, passion and joy. This is a program that helps couples balance attention to technology with attention to each other. It becomes the best of both worlds and rekindles relationships year after year.

For further information contact: Diana Baysinger at diana.baysinger@gmail.com or Click https://www.bestyearyet.com/byyo/register.cfm?referral_code=388f to purchase the BYY Couples Package .Under the role section scroll down the plan options and click couple and under referral code enter 388 to join the thousands of people who have used Best Year Yet and watch your relationship come alive.

Diana Baysinger, co-owner of Arizona Partners has been in business for over 27 years. She served as the Best Year YetR International Coaching Coordinator from 2003 – 2005 and currently is a Best Year YetR Online coaching certification trainer.

She has provided programs and presentations throughout the United States and in Europe. She has developed programs for individuals, colleges, small businesses and corporations. As a consultant she has provided programs to America West Airlines, Wells Fargo and Motorola, Rio Salado College and St. Luke’s Health Initiative.

For further information contact Diana Baysinger at diana.baysinger@gmail.com Arizona Partners, 480-820-8694 arizonapartners.net

Generate Abundance

Generate Abundance


Diana Baysinger

We are most successful in managing conflict when there is balance in our lives. As you do a review of your life think about the word abundance.The word abundance means plentiful. Many people generate abundance, have success in their personal and professional lives, and yet struggle to manage it all. It is important to evaluate the kind of abundance you have and beware of the abundance you do not want to generate.

Have you had an abundance of unproductive efforts to change something within yourself or your relationship? Have you had an abundance of recycled hopes that slip to disappointment and despair? Have you talked the talk, walked the walk, but are still not producing the results you want?
Beware of this kind of abundance. These are questions that rest at #5 on the following 5 point quality control scale.

Consider examples from your personal and professional life that rest along this scale.

# 1 = A calm, quiet and peaceful place where you are in alignment with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is where you experience renewal; it is the pause that refreshes.

# 2 = A place of positive energy where mental, physical, and emotional engagement result in feelings of accomplishment and success. This is a place of recreation and results.

# 3 = A practice of daily routine that creates a rhythm. This is where meaningful rituals serve to support personal and business life.

# 4 = A place of normal stress including unpredictability, change, lack of clarity and disappointments. Experiences at this point create opportunities to learn and use lessons that release barriers to success. This is where you become proactive resulting in resolution and growth.

# 5 = A practice of unresolved stress which prompts reactivity leading to resignation, distress, misalignment and ineffective solutions. This is the holding tank for failure.

Where do you want to register on the scale and how will you get there?

Be Aware: Generate Abundance

Now that you have a scale to use as a reference be aware of the abundance you do want in your life. Think about ways to increase those experiences from #1, #2 and #3. What percentage of your personal and professional life would you like to attract to these points?
Place your focus on this end of the scale and put an action plan together to bring more of these peaceful, successful, and supportive moments alive. Some individuals have chosen to spend more time on activities that generate fun and fulfillment. They have increased time with friends, family, and activities that are rewarding in their personal lives.

When they invest more time in the top 3 points of the spectrum they have a reserve with which to combat the normal stressors. They are more committed to dealing with the barriers of the 4th and 5th points in proactive ways, by developing strategies that break the negative cycle of these points. The unresolved stress begins to diminish and life is lived in greater balance.

In coaching, individuals not only commit to monthly reviews of their progress, they have regular weekly meetings in which they examine accomplishments and disappointments. They extract the lessons with open and honest communication and are ready to take action that keeps the momentum rolling toward desired results. Place your focus on the upper end of the scale and generate an abundance of peace, success, and support, and let those positive life experiences be the new norm.

The Foolproof Combination of Action and Attitude

Lesson One of the Producing Results series is The Foolproof Combination of Action and Attitude. I have chosen to reverse the order of attention by placing attitude before action. I believe that attitude and belief precede action. I invite you to consider the following:

What do you carry inside your mind?

We carry images, perceptions, assumptions and stories and we believe they are all true. Our belief or attitude translates into action. Attitude and action is equal to experience. Experience produces results and the cycle gets reinforced.

Think about how you think, it could be a lie.

Recently a very talented Adult Education Teacher taught a non-credit writing class at a local Community College. She loved what she did and received outstanding evaluations from the class members as well as the Department Chair. She was looking for a career change and was advised to apply to the Community College as an English teacher.

She had always wanted to teach college credit classes but believed that she needed a Master’s Degree to teach at that level. She had settled for teaching Adult Education Classes and the pay that went along with it. When she was assigned to research the requirements for the teaching position of her choice she discovered that she did not need the Master’s Degree. Her belief had held her back, the truth set her free and she went on to teach at the Community College.

What The #$ Bleep*! Do We Know? The Secret

The movie ,What the #$Bleep*! Do We Know? is a wonderful and fascinating movie. It introduces us to theories of physics that offer a new level of insight into our world and how it operates. The movie demonstrates the scientific, biological, philosophical and spiritual power of how we think, how we act and the results that attracts. What the Bleep Do We Know includes research that was conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a renowned Japanese scientist, who discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. An intriguing aspect of the movie involves the patterning of water crystals as they are influenced by thoughts and words. Beautiful and uplifting words create coherent and lovely patterns in the water. Negative thoughts create the opposite quality in the water. Dr Emoto’s research is documented in the book in The Hidden Messages Water. Since human beings and earth are composed mostly of water, his message is one of personal health, global environmental renewal and a practical plan for peace that starts with each one of us.

Attitude and Action. Are You Aligned?

When we think positively and align our behavior with an attitude of gratitude we will attract positive experiences.When we adopt an attitude of resolution and behave pro-actively we resolve conflict and use differences to mobilize action and move in the direction of what we want. I invite you to review your thinking and pay attention to how your behavior follows your thinking. Are your thoughts headed in the right direction? Does your behavior support what you truly want in your life? As individuals when we master this in our own lives we become more masterful as leaders and team members in the workplace.